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Service and Support

Service Hotline

Phone: +86-0312-3917333

After-sales service within 1 hour response, 24 hours to solve the problem;
You can also click on theQQ customer service, sales and other advice.

Service Process

AReceived customer demand information to the sales manager
BProject manager to understand customer needs, to help customers selection and design
CThe project manager sends the quotation and equipment production cycle to the customer
DThe two sides signed a contract to confirm the technical agreement, billing information
EAfter the customer prepaid, the project manager orders the production department
FDebugging aging, from time to time to provide production
GAfter the end of the payment to make a library plan
HTracking customer sales and the first time to deal with, to collect customer feedback, submitted to the after-sales service
IRegular visits every six months, service 3 years, collect customer advice and filing

After-sales service commitment

1. After the arrival of the product installation guide, can be trained several times.
2. Commissioned, sold by the person in charge for life.
3. Responsible person phone 24 hours boot.
4. Can provide on-site service by plane or car.
5. Regular return visit, life service.

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