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MAC-SCR Power Supply

Product Name:MAC-SCR Small Power Supply


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Operating Principle of MAC-SCR Small Power Supply
MAC-SCR small power supply adopts a thyristor double three-phase full control bridge parallel 12-pulse rectifier circuit and outputs 600HZ pulsating direct current power supply. The filter reactor connected in series on the DC side filters and then outputs. Its operating principle is the most widely used and most mature rectifier power supply in use, the fourth generation RDEC independent controller integrates the original synchronizing signal, the pulse trigger, the feedback module, the alarm unit and the display module in the system into a whole, and the stabilized voltage/current precision can be more than 0.5%.

The working principle is as follows:

■ AC input-rectifier transformer-12 pulse rectifier circuit- DC filter DC output
■ Isolation and output rectifier transformer Delta / delta Y to full controlled bridge rectifier
■ Two sets of three-phase fully controlled rectifier bridge output 600HZ pulsating DC
■ Filter reactor output after filtering

Technical indexes of MAC-SCR small power supply

■ Working frequency: 600Hz
■ Control mode: voltage-controlled
■ Voltage regulation accuracy: <0.5%
■ Steady flow accuracy: <0.5%
■ DC ripple: full range <3%
■ Efficiency: 80~87%
■ Power factor:0.5~0.85

No. Specification W D H Weight / kg
1 HC-GYK 100A/500V 1000 600 1800 500kg
2 HC-GYK 200A/500V 1200 800 2000 600kg
3 HC-GYK 300A/500V 1200 800 2000 700kg

Note: the user may define the specifications.
The weight is calculated value, is deviated from the actual value, and is for reference only.

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